Fab Economics

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Areas of Semi Investment Advisory include

  • High Growth Target / Value Pockets Identification and Econometrics based Thesis & Guidance for Investment across semi ecosystem
  • Integrated Technology and Commercial Due Diligence across semiconductor ecosystem players (US, EU, Asia)
    • Including Design Houses, IDM/Foundry, ATP/OSAT’s, Fab Manufacturing Equipment & Materials, Assembly-Test-Packaging, Manufacturing Equipment & Materials, and, multiple end market players
  • New Technology (Material, Process, Equipment for Fab, Packaging and Test) Adoption and Growth Potential Assessment
    • Examples include Compound Semi (GaN, SiC, InP, GaAs and stacking), Optical I/O, EUV Photoresist, Dry Film Resist, Next Gen ALD, EUV, Advanced Packaging, Hybrid Bonding, Integrated Fan-Out Packaging, Advanced Electronics Substrate, Embedded Substrates, Silicon Photonics, Sensor Fusion, FRAM etc
  • M&A strategy and execution partner across semi ecosystem (Design, Manufacturing, Packaging, Assembly, Equipment, Materials)
    • Covering end to end i.e. scanning and selection for targets and value pockets, followed by Due Diligence deep dives, Pre Merger Strategy & Integration plan and Post Merger Integration strategy/planning and execution
  • 10 year Semiconductor Demand predictions (node, wafer size, end market, geography specific) and dynamic productizable Fab and Packaging Supply across Logic, Memory, Analog technology generations, Wafer size, Geographies, players
* Non Exhaustive