Fab Economics

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Fab Economics Portfolio of models include following industry leading granular site level models (model list in not exhaustive) :

  • New Fab Economics Model
    • Cost estimation across CAPEX and 10 year OPEX cost structures for new Fab specific to node, capacity, location, type etc.
    • Regional Government Incentive estimations across CAPEX/OPEX reduction subsidies, tax breaks and other region specific program and variables for Green solutions
    • 10-15 year Total Cost of Ownership assessments for new Fab or Capacity Expansion with embedded Green solutions
    • Multi-year Fab Economics estimations across elected Economic metrics (ROI, ROIC, break-even point etc) to guide strategy, planning, and execution of Green solutions in manufacturing
    • Competitive Fab Economics across region and countries for optimal site selection for Green solutions
    • New Fab Planning and Roadmap development for private players and manufacturing capacity goal driven Roadmap development for countries and bloc level - integrated with Green manufacturing goals at enterprise level
  • Environmental (Water, Energy, GHG) Impact Forecast Model for Logic, Memory, Analog IC Chips (across Fab and Assembly) – across nodes and process complexities tailored for specific Fab / player
    • Granular ability to forecast Ultra pure water, electrical energy consumptions and GHG emissions per node per process to deliver IC product’s overall environmental impact before it gets into production
    • Environmental footprint across Fab manufacturing and Packaging value chain for specific node / process before the product moves to HVM, to guide designers and customer companies to make informed decision on their semi procurement supply chain
  • Green Manufacturing Fab Economics Model
    • Estimation of Cost penalty on multi-year Fab Economics for change from legacy solution, for each green manufacturing or energy efficiency solution
    • Green manufacturing impact assessment across Fab node, capacity, location, site type (Logic, Memory, Analog)
    • Selection, Prioritization, Roadmap Planning and Implementation cadence of each green manufacturing or energy efficiency solutions across Fab footprint based on guidance via elected economic metrics and clear foresights into incremental multi-year Fab Economics
  • Fab / ATP Manufacturing Materials and Equipment Supply Chain Carbon Footprint Assessment Model
  • Carbon Footprint of End Product /Market Segment Forecasting Model
  • Competitive ESG Ratings Assessment and forecasting Model– status quo and forecasting per Green solutions roadmap
  • R&D and NPI Fab Economics Model
  • Fab Efficiency Enhancement Model - Fab Production Control and Scheduling Optimization Model for Fab Cycle Time reduction (across Fab types i.e Logic, Memory, Analog Fab)
  • Fab Efficiency Enhancement Model - Fab Production Control and Scheduling Optimization Model for Fab Cycle Time reduction (across Fab types i.e Logic, Memory, Analog Fab)
  • Long Term Demand and Supply granular Model across nodes/wafer sizes/regions/players/logic/memory/analog/packaging
  • Wafer Price Premium forecasting Model
  • M&A Due Diligence, Pre- Merger Integration & Planning, Post Merger Integration Model - for M&A involving single or multiple Fabs
  • End Product (Automotive, Communications, Data Centers) Semi component share of BOM cost forecasting Model- across Market Segments
  • Chip Shortage Forecasting Model across Market Segments / nodes/wafer sizes/regions/players/logic/memory/analog
  • Fab Capital Excellence Model