Fab Economics

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Our data based offerings for Strategy Advisory, Sophisticated Planning and Investment guidance across the semiconductor eco system:

At Fab Economics, we are a team of semiconductor industry executive leadership (Pathfinding, Technology Development, Operations, Customer Engineering, PMO, Sales, Marketing, Procurement and Sourcing, Materials and Equipment function leadership) across the e-to-e semi value chain (Design to Packaging). Our team includes site level leadership with multi decade execution experience across Intel Corporation, Global Foundries, Samsung, TSMC, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft. We specialize across data driven Strategy, Operations and Investment Guidance advisory across the Semiconductor ecosystem including following data based offerings:

Fab Economics granular bottom-up Models for site-level Strategy, Planning and Execution of New Fab or ATP site (comprehensive build up of all CAPEX, OPEX structures per Fab or ATP type; uniquely enables us to do sensitivity analysis at site level for any material, process, equipment or capacity change)

Competitive Fab and ATP site level Economics to compare local Government Subsidy Packages and local CAPEX/OPEX cost structures across geographies

Integrated Technology and Commercial Due Diligence across semiconductor ecosystem players (Design Houses, IDM/Foundry, ATP/OSAT’s, Manufacturing Equipment & Materials, and, multiple end market players)

M&A strategy and execution partner covering end to end i.e. scanning and selection for targets and value pockets, followed by Due Diligence deep dives and Pre Merger Integration plan and Post Merger Integration strategy/planning and execution

Growth Strategy Partner across Core, Adjacencies and Inorganic areas (Vertical and Horizontal Consolidation synergy guidance and assessment)

High Growth Target / Value Pockets Identification and Econometrics based Thesis/Guidance for Investment across semi ecosystem

New Technology (Material, Process, Equipment) Adoption and Growth Potential Assessment (Compound Semi, Optical I/O, EUV Photoresist, Dry Film Resist, Next Gen ALD, EUV, Advanced Packaging, Hybrid Bonding, Integrated Fan-Out Packaging, Silicon Photonics, Sensor Fusion, FRAM etc)

✔ 10 year Semiconductor Demand predictions (node, wafer size, end market, geography specific) and dynamic productizable Fab and Packaging Supply across Logic, Memory, Analog technology generations, Wafer size, Geographies, players

Chip Shortage Assessments, Response and Navigation Strategies (Chip shortage timeline predictions for specific Chip types across Logic, Memory, Analog for specific Market segments, Industry and Player specific Revenue Impact forecasts due to Chip Shortage correlated production hit, Lead times estimates, Cross-Organizational Resiliency Strategies across end market players – Automotive, Wireless Communications, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, MedTech, Aviation etc)

Wafer Price Premium and ASP’s multiyear production across LOGIC, MEMORY, ANALOG technology generations based on Supply-Demand skew assessment over years

Detailed Impact assessment on Semiconductor Industry due to Ukraine-Russia Conflict driven Supply Chain disruptions of materials (Neon, Palladium, C4F6, Argon, Rare Earth Metals) used across Fab and Packaging sites – Impact across specific manufacturing technologies, players, products, geographies, Response and Resiliency Strategies

Fab Materials Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Capability

Fab Materials Supply Chain Diagnostics and Strategic Sourcing / Risk Mitigation Solutioining for vulnerable supply chains components

Wafer Fab Equipment, Assembly & Test Equipment, Manufacturing Materials Competitive Landscape and Growth Potential

Capital Excellence Strategy (Fab and enterprise wide scope) / Strategic Equipment Investment for enhancing Wafer Manufacturing Capacity in existing Fab/clean room space

Fab Cycle Time and Overall Equipment Efficiency Improvement Solutions

Fab Economics granular Models and Data Analytics for Fab-level Green Manufacturing and Energy Efficiency (Water, GHG, Waste, Energy) solutions Strategy, Planning and Execution of new Semiconductor Manufacturing and Packaging sites

Contract Led Chip Manufacturing –Packaging- Testing Capability Development (People, Process, Systems) for Players with In-House Design Chips

Ecological Footprint Assessment for Semiconductor Products across net GHG, Water, Energy Footprint (across Design-Manufacturing-Packaging-Testing supply chain) to guide positioning for Green End Products for OEMs