Fab Economics

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WW Need of Fab Economics granular Models developed for various variants of Fab and ATP sites

Drivers for New Fab / Packaging sites:

• Semiconductor Industry is going through a deep supply constrained era with chip shortages effecting almost every market segment; thus IDM / Foundry’s are on an expansion spree to capture the excess growth and become part of the virtuous cycle that drives semi industry

• In addition, semi self-sufficeincy goals across different western and eastern technology stacks or countries have spurred the push from local governments for local new semi manufacturing capacity s

• Western-Eastern geo-political conflict have given rise to a new requirement for the semi value chain – Trust. Western /Eastern stack leadership is targeting to build “trusted semi manufacturing full value chain” within their region to safeguard technologies for national defense and national infrastructure.

• Enormous carbon footprint and OPEX cost of data centers and end use applications of High Performance Computing and Connectivity chips have pushed to migrate the products to leading edge node technologies (below 10nm) for energy, capacity, cost efficiency and capability advancement – thus requiring new leading edge node Fab capacities

• End of Moore era has been the forcing function for innovation in More-than-Moore verticals –prominently packaging for energy, capacity, cost efficiency and capability /feature advancement thus requiring new Advanced Packaging capacities

Whether it is at company or a country level; New Fab is a big complex investment decision and could easily consume the entire visionary/roadmap fund in few new Fab moves thus it requires data based guidance at various levels and deep line of sight into future

Our model is the precise opportunity for players and countries across the globe to deliver data based new Fab/ATP /capacity expansion investment decisions integrated with green manufacturing investments with clear foresights to guide strategy, planning and execution for avoiding sub-optimal outcomes