Fab Economics

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Fab Economics – a boutique semi consultancy firm with industry leading advanced analytics and granular modeling capabilities

We are an industry-first Semiconductor value chain economics consultancy with broad sustainability and macro-economics capabilities built bottom-up to simulate site level economics

➢ Industry first End-to-End Fab Economics Modelling capability architected and developed with deep domain expertise across Foundry, IDM, OSAT’s, ATM site leadership.

Our Industry leading granular portfolio of Models (across 16 capabilities) and advanced analytics are capable of replicating various complexities of Fab environments (Technology, Operations, Product, Platforms etc), Materials and Equipment requirements, Ecosystem Efficiencies, Market Dynamics, Material / Equipment / Logistics Supply Chains, region specific variables, and local Government subsidies.

Thus Fab Economics Models deliver unique industry-first comprehensive ability to provide close to reality multi-year economic assessments and future business foresights at Fab and enterprise level that guide strategy, planning and execution at Fab level.

➢ Our data based offerings for Strategy Advisory, Sophisticated Planning and Investment guidance across the semiconductor eco system:

At Fab Economics, we are a team of semiconductor industry executive leadership (Pathfinding, Technology Development, Operations, Customer Engineering, PMO, Sales, Marketing, Procurement and Sourcing, Materials and Equipment function leadership) across the e-to-e semi value chain (Design to Packaging). Our team includes site level leadership with multi decade execution experience across Intel Corporation, Global Foundries, Samsung, TSMC, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft. We specialize across data driven Strategy, Operations and Investment Guidance advisory across the Semiconductor ecosystem