Fab Economics

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Fab Economics Team

Our Executive and Operations Team leverages site-level semiconductor industry and tier-1 consultancy experience

• Team consist of semiconductor industry experts with direct site-level leadership experience across Foundry, IDM, OSAT's, ATM site technology, operations, supply chain dynamics, sales and overall site economics.

• Team members have direct experience working across US, EU, Asia Semi Chip Design, Fab, Packaging sites of Intel, Samsung, TSMC, IBM, Global Foundries, Microsoft, Amazon and top 5 OSAT's including ASE, Amkor, STATS Chip, SPIL. Team members co-delivered site level integrated (process- material-equipment-operations) technology over the two decades.

• Our team members have directly worked with Microsoft, AMD, IBM, Qualcomm, Apple, NVIDIA, Broadcom, HP, DELL, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Ford, GM, BMW, AT&T, Verizon etc. as customers

• Team members have worked with tier-1 management consultancy firms' CMT/TMT semiconductor practice and have diverse strategic C-Suite advisory experience while working across the semi eco system players (Design Houses Foundry/IDM, Manufacturing Materials, Equipment, and ATP/OSAT’s companies)

• In consultancy roles, team members enabled and guided semi manufacturing projects across the semi players with projects cumulative worth of $110B

• Team Members education background is from Carnegie Mellon University, Purdue University, UC Berkeley, Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T) Kanpur, Stanford, and, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

• Team members have multiple end-to-end direct experience of new technology / production lines bring up and new Fab /ATP site bring up in US, EU, Asia Geo regions

• Cumulatively, team members while serving as Site-Level Fab and Assembly Technology Development (TD) Leader have delivered over 50 Products across Market segments